NNSP Learning and Development Timetable Sep 2017 to Jul 18

Early Numeracy: Mathematics and Mark Making

“Play is an effective vehicle for fostering Mathematical concepts and developing positive attitudes to mathematics.”
(Curricular Guidance for Preschool Education 2015)

MAY 2018

Thursday 3rd – 9am to 11am

Croyland Nursery School

Making Human Sense of Mathematics

Explore the curriculum for maths development and how this can be supported in the early years. Including working with parents and extending the children.

How children learn about numbers and develop mathematical understanding during the pre-school years is vitally important and sets them on a path towards numeracy skills and confidence in later life.

Young children are learning maths all the time through a wide variety of play experiences. This practical workshop offers an opportunity for you to come, explore, discover and have some fun learning about maths in the environment. Explore and understand the Maths that is happening in child-initiated play and how to use those opportunities to deepen children’s understanding. This workshop will include a tour of the Nursery School.

Focused session: £30 per person

Thursday 24th – 1pm to 3pm

Pen Green Centre

Maths in the Environment

Explore the concepts of Early Maths in the Early Years by looking at how most resources in your setting will have an element of mathematical content in them. Practitioners will be introduced to the mathematical principals and the opportunity to think about mathematical learning in their nursery.

CPD session: £60 per person