NNSP Learning and Development Timetable Sep 2017 to Jul 18

Working With Boys

“It’s of paramount importance that early years settings recognise that boys need different learning environments to girls, to ensure they fulfil their potential. If we don’t support their natural abilities and interests, they could be set up to fail.”
(Savage J, 2016)

MARCH 2018

Tuesday 27th – 4.30pm to 6pm

Whitehills Nursery School

Engaging Boys in Their Learning

This session will offer practical ideas for engaging boys in their learning; Explore how to create an enabling environment which engages motivates and challenges boys. We will discuss how by using boy’s interests we can motivate boys to independently make marks and engage in other areas of learning. This workshop will also offer an opportunity to view the nursery without children present; therefore photographs of the environment can be taken.

CPD session: £60 per person

JUNE 2018

Thursday 21st – 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Ronald Tree Nursery School

Boys Will Be Boys!

A look at ways to develop boys’ learning and development in an Early Years setting.

This training session will explore gender differences; strategies to promote boys literacy skills as well as superhero play. There will also be the opportunity to consider the development of early writing skills with a focus on providing experiences which are both purposeful and pleasurable.

CPD session: £60 per person